We have carefully looked at the elements we use to create our exhibition stands, we have assessed the positives and the negatives and, where necessary, we made changes to ensure that the solution we provide is as environmentally responsible as it can possibly be. The key elements are…


We have invested in a stock of good quality Plywood floor panels which have been cut into modular sizes so, apart from the initial cutting to size, there is zero waste and very high reusability. We have considerably reduced the rental cost of our sub floors to reflect the savings made by the high reusability.


As an industry exhibitions and events produce 15 million sq/m of carpet each year, this equates to over 6000 tons of landfill. The carpet we use is 100% recyclable and is supplied and recycled by Recyclable carpet is less expensive than traditional velour and so a further cost saving is made.


The main framework of our stands is created using our stock of Aluminium system. Because the system is modular and very versatile, a limited number of components can be used to create vast array of designs, this not only ensures your exhibition stand stands out from the crowd but is unique in it’s design. Our aluminium systems are naturally re-usable and recyclable.


The most difficult part of the stand build to make “Green” is the graphics, we have managed to source a recycled, re-usable panel (manufactured from re-cycled fridge/freezer interiors) that can also be printed. After use the panel can be sanded clean and then recycled to create something new. Unfortunately the cost of recycled or recyclable panels is considerably more expensive that the alternative, however, we are constantly looking at ways to improve quality and reduce costs.


We carry a large selection of lighting to illuminate your exhibits and graphics. All our lighting is re-used from show to show client to client and of course is low energy. Not only does the low energy element reduce electricity consumption it also reduces the cost of your electrics bill for the show.


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